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Engage and Interact with Nutrition

Our interactive software is a personal development tool which is designed to support your pupils in line with the National Curriculum guidelines on health and wellbeing. The affordable and time efficient quiz gets fast results for your students, leaving you with more time to teach and reinforce those healthy lifestyle choices in class.

The web-based health quiz is aimed at helping individuals learn how to listen to their own body and mind. Our quiz engages pupils and students in such a way that they are able to reflect on their own health and take charge of their future wellbeing. We know that for all schools the mental and physical health of their pupils is a number one priority. Unique provides that first assessment tool which helps to identify where the issues are.

This will support any health and wellbeing programme a school has in place which focuses on physical and mental health. Our projected outcomes are potentially life-changing. Children will be able to take responsibility for their growth and development, which can prevent negative behavioural patterns that result in obesity and related physiological risks. Research suggests that school nutrition programmes can improve academic performance, by potentially supporting brain development, attention, memory, cognition, and behaviour.

Actionable Health Data

The quiz is anonymous, however, Schools will have access to data which will demonstrate how their school is performing overall, this will be broken down into each of the following sections:

  • Overall health of each year group and tracking their progression
  • Nutrient intake
  • Sugar and caffeine consumption
  • Mood and levels of overwhelm
  • Physical activity
  • Sleep

“I thought the wellbeing quiz was very helpful and looking forward, I believe that now I am equipped with some basic skills that will help me to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Such as, my daily intake of sugar."

Yr 7 student, St Paul's Girls' School

Why Choose Unique?

Our health professionals have many years’ experience across a wide range of health sector fields, bringing a diverse set of skills and knowledge to the quiz:

Empower Students

Empower and educate pupils to make positive health and lifestyle choices

Student Wellbeing

Improvestudent wellbeing

Actionable Data
Ongoing Insights

Acquire on-going insights into specific health and wellbeing areas.

Speedy Results

Time-efficient, cost-effective, personalised, impactful.

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