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Basic quiz results are free forever. But here you can unlock the custom results of your quiz, or go that step further and book a consultation with a Unique Health professional.



Access to the Unique Health Quiz

Free overall results about your health

Access to the Unique FB group



Full access to the Unique Health Quiz

A clear display of what your child needs to focus on to improve on their health

Information about each area of their health

Valuable tips you can implement to make positive changes

Access to resources like nutrient charts, portion sizes, useful apps, books and organisations



Full access to the Unique Health Quiz

Breakdown of your child’s results plus all the information, tips and resources

A Professional Consultation to assess your child’s needs, current nutritional status and overall wellbeing.

Access to an interactive online diary and analysis of the results

A comprehensive action plan to implement the changes required for a healthier, happier child.


"I have known Maggie Baker for more than ten years on a professional level and have observed her, time and again, giving well-informed, highly beneficial nutritional advice. It is wonderful to see her now focussing her skills and attention on children in particular. Her nutrition initiative at Unique Health Group is a fantastic opportunity for both children and their families to follow Maggie’s programme and reap the rewards. Children will not only benefit from better nutrition from an early age but also will gain an understanding and develop life long patterns for healthy eating, reinforced by their parents simultaneously finding a nutritious path for life."

Dr Rosalind O’Shaughnessy
NHS A&E Consultant

"Maggie from Unique Health Group gave a nutrition talk to the Year 10 girls and it was great! It was so informative and directed to that of 15 year old girls. She spoke about important nutrients, examples of food sources for each and ideal meal suggestion especially when exercising. She also explained the impact of food choices on other areas of their health and the link between nutrition and academic performance. "

Assistant Head, St James's Girls School, London

"We decided to sign up for the personalised consultation for my little boy of four with allergies, I honestly thought it would just be about the food. Whilst this was the main foundation, we learnt about his gut bacteria and the imbalance of his immune system. We completed the interactive diary for the week which was so simple to do. It’s honestly been so interesting and most of all transformative for the entire family."

Emily, Jack and Tom

"My teenager daughter and I both had a nutrition consultation, I was worried about her obsessing over her diet and I wanted to address my poor energy levels and hormonal health. I could not recommend Maggie more, she is professional, with a lovely manner and her advice was extremely helpful, realistic and easy to implement."


"My kids are so fussy and literally want to live on jam sandwiches, I don’t want to force them to eat but I was also worried they were not getting any vitamins and minerals. I received some really useful tips and some great ideas on how to incorporate different food into their diets. The kids were given resources that really helped to educate them on why they need to eat certain food and we are already trying out new meals, success!"

Moira, Mackie and Rosa


What's included in the consultation? The consultation includes 90min of nutritional advice, research and analysis of the diary and habit tracker provided, a bespoke plan which will identify any nutritional deficiencies, areas of wellbeing that may need attention and practical tools and resources.
What does the diary and habit tracker include? The interactive diary will track 7 days of your child’s diet, their physical activity, sleep, energy, mood and many other areas of their overall wellbeing. The information will be analysed and an individualised plan will be created for your child.
Do you work with GPs or other consultants? We cannot diagnose a medical condition or claim to cure. That is the role of your GP or consultant.