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The nutrition quiz for children

Keeping your kids' nutrition on-track

The U’nique Health Quiz is an interactive tool that provides practical advice on the small changes your child can make to enhance their own health and wellbeing.

The quiz is a fun learning experience that offers children personalised health information. This is to encourage children to take responsibility for making informed lifestyle choices and nutritional decisions.

It's simple to use, interactive, effective, and will help young people achieve overall improved health. We know that the foundations of healthy eating start from childhood. It is so important to allow our children to learn about making good choices so that they can form healthy habits that will lead into later life.

Personalised Consultations

Our interactive wellbeing diary allows your child to engage in their own health, helping them to understand their physical, emotional, and mental health.

A 7-day interactive, online diary that you and your child can track and monitor their physical and mental health.

Our team will analyse the results and provide specific personal recommendations on the changes that can be implemented to help improve or enhance their nutrition and wellbeing.

What other parents have been concerned about

“How do I encourage my child to have a healthy relationship with food and show them the dangers of fad diets?”

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