Your Body, Your Health

U’nique Health Group’s vision is to boost the wellbeing of young people.

Introduction to U'nique

We have created a web-based health quiz aimed at helping individuals know their own body and mind. Our quiz engages pupils and students so that they can reflect on their own health and take charge of their future wellbeing!

Our interactive software is a Personal Development tool which is designed to support your pupils in line with the National Curriculum guidelines on health and wellbeing. The affordable and time efficient quiz gets fast results for your students, leaving you with more time to teach and reinforce those healthy lifestyle choices in class.

Introduction to U'nique

“I thought the wellbeing quiz was very helpful and looking forward, I believe that now I am equipped with some basic skills that will help me to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Such as, my daily intake of sugar."

Yr 7 student, St Paul's Girls' School

We know that everyone has a unique body.
We are all different and there are is no single set of rules best suited to each individual needs.

We are all U’NIQUE!

”After taking the quiz, are there any changes you are going to make to your health?”

”After taking the quiz, are there any changes you are going to make to your health?”

The students’ responses:  

”Yes, eat less sugar, drink more water and eat more protein on a daily basis.”

”Stop comparing myself to others and eat more healthily to improve my mood. ”

”I will make sure  that I am eating enough nutrients to help refuel my body for sport.”

”I will try to have more omega fats in my diet.”

”Eat more fruit and veggies, do more exercise and sleep more.” 

”I’m going to try to have less sugar and not use electronic devices before going to bed.”

The U'nique Health Quiz

The U’nique Team of health professionals have many years’ experience across a wide range of health sector fields, bringing a diverse set of skills and knowledge to the quiz:

  • Nutrition – what your body needs and how to balance those needs
  • Exercise – not all exercise is sport, find what you like to do to be active
  • Mental health – anxiety, stress, worry, social and online pressure can all take its toll.  Find out what you can do to help you cope with life’s stressors.
  • Emotional wellbeing – are you getting enough sleep?  What is going on with your hormones? Every individual is unique and can be affected by different things in day to day life.
The U'nique Health Quiz
Schools - U’nique Wellbeing Quiz

Schools - U’nique Wellbeing Quiz

At U’nique, our team goal is to educate and inspire children and young people to value who they are, and their own health. Our U’nique interactive quiz is developed specifically to encourage children to take charge of their own health and personal development.

The U’nique quiz is fun to use, web-based and highly informative. Our primary aim, for all who enroll in the programme, is to ensure our information is relatable and relevant. This way, we can ensure the outcomes generated from the responses to the quiz, are specific to the needs of the child. The outcome will be an individual profile for each child which will show them how to make improvements in their own health and wellbeing.

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